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life events


Incarcerated Loved Ones

Incarceration can be a devastating life event for all. The adjustment period of those newly incarcerated and the everyday struggles of our loved ones "behind the wall" can be unbearable.

Divorce and Breakups

The turmoil of  a divorce can weigh heavily on even the strongest person.  A sudden breakup can turn a person's life completely upside down.

Coming Home

A person "coming home" from incarceration will face many challenges. The same adjustment period will take place for newly released people that took place for the newly incarcerated.

Veterans and Service Personnel

Our bravest heroes can face many challenges associated with readjusting to society. These challenges often become unmanageable obstacles throughout post-military life.

What to look for

Heightened situational anxiety, Insomnia, Sudden somatic complaints, Scattered thoughts, Mood swings, Depression, Anxiety, Changes in physical appearance 

How can CBD help?

Suffering from ANXIETY, INSOMNIA,  DEPRESSION, and PAIN CBD can be a natural, 100% legal option for those we care for. Contact CBTH for specific products to meet specific needs. Veteran discounts available.